Dolphins dream

Are dolphins intelligent and conscious beings? Do we share this planet with a species who have similar cognition abilities as humans? Are they able to feel and think? Can they communicate? If they can, is our relationship towards them respectful enough, do we do enough to preserve them from our technology and our way of life? Do we do enough to enable good-quality interaction and communication between us? If you have ever observed the dolphins swimming, jumping and playing on the open sea, or if you saw them helping people in difficult situations, if you saw the attention and love they give to such people, then maybe somewhere deep inside yourself you have asked these questions.

If you really want to find these answers then the book you are just holding will help you. Dolphin’s Dream is a story about adventures of one man and one dolphin. Dreaming together they have discovered a new world, abundant of possibilities for both species. They have discovered they are not so different although their roles are. Humans as explorers and dolphins as messengers (herald) have the same aim. The aim can be reached only by cooperation between them.Do read this book and share it with your friends, your children and with all the people who care about the wellness and with all the people who care about the wellness of the planet we are living on. Join many of those who are already dreaming the dolphins dream!

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